Cyberbullying Featured LGBT — 21 February 2012
Tragedy Remembered: Tyler Clementi


This morning on our sister site, ChildsWork, I posted a plea published by a colleague of mine, Peter DeWitt, that asked educators to remember the special plight of LGBT youth when walking the halls of high schools.

I felt that Peter’s message was especially apt today, which marks the beginning of jury selection for the Tyler Clementi trial. Tyler, a Rutgers University student and talented violinist, committed suicide on September 22, 2010 when he jumped off of the George Washington Bridge. A bright young man, adored by his family and friends, though also shy, Tyler killed himself over fallout resulting from a video posted online by his roommate, Dahrun Ravi, which showed his sexual encounter with another man.

Tyler’s case, sadly, is not unique, as we all know. Cyberbullying comes in many forms and, many times, is unfairly targeted at LGBT youth who are already struggling with their identity and issues of self-worth. While the court system will have its say on Tyler’s case, let us all as educators, parents and human beings have our say as well: cyberbullying, any bullying, is not okay and LGBT youth need our support and love.

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