Featured Our Favorite Videos — 20 September 2011
The Price of Silence

Of the many videos we’ve viewed on the subject of bullying, the anti-bullying PSA, The Price Of Silence, at left, is one of our favorites. It resonates with all ages in how it effectively demonstrates just how difficult it can be to stand up to bullying. As adults, we may have trouble remembering certain aspects of childhood like fear of standing out, peer pressure and intimidation.

But think for a moment how the younger version of yourself might respond to an altercation on the playground. Like most kids, you’d probably be excited by the prospect of watching a fight. You might even adopt a “better him than me” mentality; “if I laugh at the victim, the tough kids might leave me alone; they might even like me better if I take sides with them”. Would you step in and stand against the bully? It’s tough to accurately predict from your adult vantage point.

The video does leave out one important element: standing up can be dangerous, no matter how we slice it. I’m sure we can all remember at least one boy or girl from our childhood to whom we would never dare stand up. The video would have been complete if it showed other kids running to get help from a supervising adult. Nevertheless, the ‘stand up to bullying’ message shows just how powerful a showing of unity can be.

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